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During each year, as our services expand, to keep up with the amount of people we try and support, we have a number of vacancies for Jobs and volunteers that become open. 

Please take a look below at the Descriptions below and feel free to apply!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Trustee's - Various Roles

Art Therapies UK, Remote

Volunteers - Various Roles

Art Therapies UK, Various locations across the Midlands

Volunteers – Volunteer Development Programme

Art Therapies UK, Various locations across the Midlands

"I came to Art Therapies UK because of it's reputation. As someone who was looking to study to become a dramatherapist it was really important to understand the reality of being a therapist and Art Therapies UK offered lots of opportunities for me.
I have a BTEC in performing arts and a degree in film/TV and production and a post-grad degree in TV producing and 8 years of being a restaurant manager, so this was a complete change of career for me.
I do not regret anything that
Art Therapies UK has given me!'

Liz is a HCPC registered professional Dramatherapist graduating in 2019 from Derby University after working with Art Therapies UK

Liz Beech

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