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Community Work

Arts in Health

Arts Therapies UK’s Arts in Health department provides valuable therapeutic mental health support to those in need within the diverse communities that make up the UK. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and secure environment for all, where we help people to cope with their emotions, reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

We host a variety of sessions in multiple locations. Take a look at our calendar to find out about your local Arts in Health sessions.

Art Therapies UK also works with other charities and community groups to deliver sessions to the most vulnerable individuals. We occasionally have access to funding which means we can provide free, or heavily discounted, sessions to the individuals your organisation supports.


Book a call-back and learn more about the how Arts in Health can benefit your organisation.

Our work supports the mental health of local communities by:

Improves cognitive function


Studies have shown that engaging in the arts helps to improve memory and attention amongst other cognitive functions

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