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Therapies We Provide

Arts Therapies UK offer therapy in a variety of different formats and we will support you to find the right one for your therapy journey. You do not need to be able to draw like Da Vinci to benefit from art therapy or be able to play an instrument to benefit from music therapy. This is about you and your journey the art form is just the vehicle that gets you there. 

Our team of experts will support you to find the one that is the best fit for you. Hover over the images below to learn more about the different types of therapy and then fill out a referral form and one of team will be in touch within a week. 


Drama Therapy

Uses techniques such as role playing, embodiment and improvisation to express experiences and emotions, improving communication and promoting both physical and mental wellbeing

Play Therapy

This works well with children mostly who do not have the ability to articulate or understand their feelings and emotions. It uses a tool kit including art, clay, sand tray and puppets to help children express their thoughts and experiences in a safe environment


Dance Movement therapy

 is based on the belief that the body, mind and emotions are interconnected, and that movement can be used to promote healing and growth


Music Therapy

Uses a variety of techniques, such as signing, using instruments, improvisation and song writing to help clients achieve therapeutic goals


Art Therapy

Is a form of psychotherapy that uses creative outlets such as drawing, painting or sculpting to help explore thoughts, emotions and behaviours

We match the therapy to you, not you to the therapy

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