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Our Therapies

All therapies offered by Arts Therapies UK are delivered by qualified Therapists. Arts Therapies UK is proud to have delivered over 3000 hours of therapy so far. Our success is rooted in taking the time to understand the individual and their needs so we can connect them to the best therapist for their needs. We are committed to looking out for those that we offer support.

​Here at Arts Therapies UK, we make sure that therapy is impactful regardless of the age of the person receiving it – we carefully match the therapist so that the session will be suitable for children, teenagers, and adults of any age.


Therapy for Adults

Arts Therapy works in the same way as traditional therapy in that  a qualified therapist will work with a client to achieve improved mental health. However, Arts Therapy uses an art form to navigate complex issues  It works well for individuals who find it difficult to articulate their thoughts, or those who would find traditional therapy stressful or with additional barriers.

Therapy for Children & Young People

Arts Therapy for children and young people is a creative, visual approach to provide strategies to navigate situations or feelings. Art Therapy is particularly impactful for children and young people as it removes the stigma associated with traditional therapy, and provides a friendly, relaxed way to approach challenging issues.


Arts Therapies UK for Schools

Art Class

For some, school life can be complex and difficult to manage. Many students also have challenges outside of school, and so need some additional support to help them to understand how to navigate difficult emotions in a positive, healthy way.

Arts Therapies UK for Schools places qualified Arts Therapists in a schools, Throughout the course of the school day, one therapist has the capacity to deliver 5 sessions, which can either be for individuals or groups. 

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