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Therapy for Children & Young People

What is it? 


Arts therapy works in a similar way as traditional therapy, with a qualified therapist and child or young person presenting with worrying or troubling behaviour. Arts therapies uses creative and visual approaches to support the client to navigate situations or feelings; it works well with children and younger people who might struggle to articulate thoughts and feelings or for those with barriers that need disarming. The symbols, experiences and feelings expressed by them during a session can be put into words with them to aid recovery/development. 

Here at Arts Therapies UK we have therapists who can deliver therapy across the five areas: art, drama, dance/movement, music and play. The individual does not need to have a talent in any of the art forms to benefit, it is there as a creative tool to engage them in the process and to help create a safe space for self-expression and support their recovery.  



The Process?


 At Arts Therapies UK we understand the complexities of mental health issues and understand that quite often the hardest part is asking for help, so we have streamlined our referral process. 

Step 1: fill in the referral form below- you can self-refer or refer somebody else if you are a referring agent. 

Step 2: We will contact the individual and find the right therapist for them and find a location that suits all- we can deliver therapy anywhere in England and Wales

Step 3: Therapy begins- we typically complete this process within 2 weeks

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